Studio Ninety8 was created to bring dance into the community and schools. We coach Forest Grove High School’s Dance Team and teach to aspire our dancers to be a part of a great program.


We strive to promote a passion for dance with our students and truly believe that any child can learn to dance!! We work with every one of our students from any age by setting goals and encouraging each and every individual dancer to work hard and believe in themselves!


Come join us & explore your love for dance! View descriptions of our classes below.
Class Descriptions

Curious as to the classes we offer and what is involved in each level? This can help clear it up for you!

Acro Classes
  • Pre-Acro
    • Ages 4-8 yrs
    • Focuses on tumbling skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, cartwheels, and handstands.
    • Develops balance, flexibility, and strength through dance technique and acrobatic skills.
    • Dancers have developed listening skills, take direction consistently, and have the attention span to learn and remember sequential Acro movement.

  • Acro 1 Beginning
    • Ages 6+ yrs
    • Has full knowledge of Pre-Acro skill set.

    • Dancers will continue to work and perfect tumbling and acrobatic dance skills with developing strength & flexibility.

    • Additionally, these dancers can do back bends and is building strength to stand up on their own, bridge walks, backward rolls, and will be introduced to back kickovers and front limbers.

  • Acro 1 Advanced
    • Ages 6+ yrs
    • Has mastered all Acro 1 Beginning skills and are focusing on building on basic skills in strength & flexibility to obtain a back kickover and full front limber on their own.

    • Introduction to front walkovers, chin rolls, back limbers, headstands, & forearm stands.


  • Acro 2 & 3
    • Ages 6+ yrs
    • Dancers have developed full controlled skills from Acro 1 Advance. 

    • They continue to develop strength & flexibility through an advanced skill set of acro technique through combinations and progressions.

    • Introduction into airborne tumbling such as aerials, front handsprings, & back handsprings.

Hip-Hop Classes

Placement for these classes is based on age.

These are energetic & upbeat classes where kids can just have fun! This class will be taught mostly through choreography to incorporate hip hop techniques in isolations, precision movement, and breaking style footwork and tricks.

  • Pre-Hip-Hop
    • Ages 5-7 yrs
  • Hip-Hop 1 & 2
    • Ages 7+ yrs
Jazz Classes


  • Pre-Jazz
    • Ages 5-7yrs

    • This class is an introduction to learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and developing rhythms through choreography.

    • Uses ballet technique as a base to teach more complex movement and technique skills.

    • A focused goal is to develop these dancers to join our teams!!

  • Jazz 1 & 2
    • Ages 8+ yrs
    • Continues to develop proper dance technique and improving on skills in combinations and progressions.

    • A focused goal is to develop these dancers to join our teams!!


Tiny Toes Classes


  • Tiny Toes
    • Ages 3-5 yrs.
    • A class of creative movement and Intro to dance technique.
    • Teaches & develops listening skills & following directions in a fun, controlled learning environment, while exploring music and movement.
  • Tiny Toes 2
    • Ages 4-6 yrs.
    • This class expands on Tiny Toes 1 and focuses more on dance technique through choreography.
    • This class is made for those 4 and 5 yr olds who can follow directions consistently and has an attention span to learn and remember sequential dance movement.
    • The dancer also has a full understanding of basic ballet technique including pointing and flexing their toes, straight legs, and controlled arm movement.
  • Tiny Tumblers
    • Ages 2-4 yrs.
    • Your little dancers will learn basic tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, and bridges.
    • They will get to venture into obstacle courses, learn balance, engage in across the floor Acro movement, and explore music with Acro dance.
  •  Includes all styles of dance including Jazz, Hip Hop, dance team Pom, & Kick.
  • This program requires a full term commitment,  September-June.
  • They practice 1-3 times a week for 1.5 hours each practice, this includes a required technique class for skill development. 
  • Our teams will have 5-10 performances during the dance year including local events, football games, basketball games, and competition exhibitions.
  • Our teams are also competitive, therefore we will compete in 3-4 competitions though out the season in various styles of dance.
  • Each team member is required to purchase warm ups and team attire and will have opportunity to fundraise for costuming and other fee’s.
  • This is what Studio Ninety8 is all about!
  • We want your dancer to participate in our teams program all the way up through High School.
  • Our programs are all consistent, well rounded, and focus on the team aspect of dance as a whole.
  • We have developed a true Dance Family, please join us in this opportunity for your dancer to be successful, grow as a leader, and be a well rounded team mate!!


  • Mini Team
    • Grades K – 3rd
  • Youth Team
    • Grades 3rd – 6th
  • Junior Team
    • Grades 6th – 8th
  • Royal Arrows
    • Ages